Senior Community Action Projects
Senior Community Action Projects

The class of 2017 presented their community action projects on Thursday. Community Action sites included:

  • Providence Animal Rescue League
  • Good Neighbors Soup Kitchen
  • Genesis Center
  • Frank D Spaziano School
  • Harold F. Scott Elementary School
  • Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School
  • South Side Community Land Trust
  • Head Start Fall River
  • William D'Abate
  • Amos House
  • Mothers Morning Out at St. Martin's Church
  • Lillian Feinstein Elementary School
  • The Center For Resilience
  • The Watson Institute at Brown University
  • Barrington Land Conservation Trust
  • Dale Street School
  • Rhode Island Historical Society
  • Community MusicWorks
  • RIA Global Education
  • International Charter School
  • Statehouse/with Sen. Gayle Goldin
  • Outpatient Rehab at the Miriam Hospital
  • South County Montessori School
  • Juvenile Diabetes Foundation benefit - Smithfield Ice Arena
  • Refugee Dream Center
  • Trinity Repertory Company
  • Earth Care Farm
  • Rhode Island Free Clinic
  • River Farm in Saunderstown

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."-James Baldwin

In their own words:

"Having grown up gardening and visiting farms, I always thought that I had relatively good idea of how much work goes into keeping a farm running properly. For this reason I would say that I wasn't surprised by the amount of work I was asked to do, I was more surprised by how strenuous they were. The effort it takes just to get a strawberry patch ready for picking season is exhausting. It took me an entire day to weed and spread straw on 2 of 10 rows of strawberry plants. After only experiencing a sustainable farm for one week, I have so much more respect for the farmers that work on them and am much more aware of the types of food I purchase." Cassandra Duda

"Through painting walls(manual labor alike) and designing kids' curriculum, I explored my potential to be resilient and to overcome unfamiliar and difficult situations. Seeing other employees who were working with me along the side, I gained so much respect for those who poured so much dedication and effort into their work. Though this organization comes across diverse population, this sense of resilience is shared within this community.

Even though I think I did not come prepared enough for this SCAP, I am glad that it provides an opportunity for me to grow and to learn from difficulties. Because I think the intention of the community action projects is not necessarily asking me to be successful with every single task that are assigned to me in these two weeks, it is the difficult situations and mistakes that I can learn from that are important." Jiayu Liu

"I have learned that politics is much more fragile than I had ever realized. I knew that it was a tough game, but it took sitting in on the Senate floor just discussing routine items to make me realize that everything we consider to be politics is built from the thinnest, most delicate glass." Sage Leimer

"One thing I have learned during my project is how sheltered I have been. I am volunteering at the Frank D. Spaziano School, which is a public school, and I have realized that I am unaware of the struggles that children go through." Kara Berlin-Gallo

"One thing that this week has solidified for me is my conviction that everyone should be at least bilingual. Working in a bilingual school like Rhode Island School for the Deaf has shown me just how much kids can benefit from learning in two languages. Language teaches everyone how to communicate, and a non-verbal language like ASL teaches kids not just how to get a message across, but how to read other people, how to be aware of body language as well. Learning in multiple languages opens so many new doors for everyone." Madison Kelly

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