Education Innovation: Lincoln Shines
Education Innovation: Lincoln Shines

Lincoln School was invited to deliver several presentations about our innovative and sophisticated curriculum to over 500 educators from girls' schools around the world this June. Attendees at the National Coalition of Girls' Schools Conference in Washington, D.C., "Education Innovation: Building Cultures of Creativity," included schools from the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Singapore, as well as almost every state in the U.S. Lincoln School administration, teachers, and alumnae presented three sessions that highlighted some of the ways Lincoln is at the forefront of education.

Women in the Global Economy: Girls' Schools Leading the Way!

For this presentation, Lincoln showcased "Women in the Global Economy," an important class it offers students, one that is designed to prepare young women for complex financial opportunities and challenges. With essential input from Upper School Math Department Chair Shannon Lambert, who teaches "Women in the Global Economy," the session was led by Head of School Suzanne Fogarty, and alumnae Marney Cumming McCabe '90 of Brown Brothers Harriman and Megan Murray Craigen '93 of Putnam Investments.

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Walking Together: Taking Mindful Action in a Complex World

How do you change the world? Not with service, but with authentic exchanges and meaningful action, like those found in Lincoln's trailblazing travel programs. Head of the Visual Arts Department/Global Citizenship Advisor Anita Richard Thompson '89, presented Lincoln's accomplishments and goals in the field. She knows whereof she speaks: she participated in the faculty development program to Cuba last summer and India program this past spring, in conjunction with the World Leadership School.

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Why Moving Beyond Advanced Placement Advances the Independent School Mission

What do you get when you move beyond AP Classes? Educational innovation in a rapidly changing world. Head of School Suzanne Fogarty, Head of Upper School Peter Brooks, and Director of College Counseling Beth Ellis discussed their bold move to leave behind the narrow and prescribed confines of the AP curriculum in order to provide a cutting-edge education built on deep inquiry, analytical thinking, and interdisciplinary learning.

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