Independent Study Round–Up
Independent Study Round–Up

From Rhode Island's Diamondback Terrapins to the Arab Spring, from Genomics & Human Health to Girls and Social Media, ten amazing Lincoln girls were the first to complete Independent Study projects at Lincoln. The final capstone moment for these projects was on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Students who enroll in the Independent Study Program at Lincoln School are expected to be self-motivated learners who set high standards for themselves within the context of a self-designed curriculum that reaches beyond Lincoln's core academic program. With guidance from a project advisor, Independent study students develop a year long, self directed course that delves deeply into a subject area for which they have a strong passion and interest.

The prime objective of independent studies is to provide students with an opportunity to pursue a deep investigation into a subject that is not currently explored in our core curriculum.

Although independent study students do a great deal of work to chart the course of their work at the start is the year, it is expected that the projects will evolve over time as the students make discoveries and come to new understandings of their chosen topic

Independent study faculty advisors play a critical role in this process meeting with the students frequently to reflect on the successes and challenges that arise.

Even though the specifics of any given independent study will vary, all ISP students are asked to invest themselves in rigorous, interdisciplinary academic discourse that involves research, reading, experimentation, investigation, reflection, critical dialogue and the production of a final capstone project as the culmination of the course.

Meredith Sullivan: Girls and Social Media
Faculty: Suzanne Fogarty

Belle Buroker: Ecology and Place Based Education
Faculty Advisor: Emma Alexander Jenn Bowdoin

Rosalie Ingrassia: The Arab Spring
Faculty Advisor: Barret Fabris

Ashley Gomez: The African Diaspora
Faculty Advisor: Barret Fabris

Jasmine Hyppolite: Diversity and Inclusion in Education
Faculty Advisor: Barret Fabris

Surabhi Iyer: Genomics & Human Health
Faculty Advisor: Cate Hibbitt

Bessie Wang: Revolutionary Discoveries in Physics
Faculty Advisor: WIll Gyory

Scarlett Liu: Gender and Philosophy
Faculty Advisor: John Minahan

Christie Lee Marshall: Portuguese Studies
Faculty Advisor: Barret Fabris

India Robert: Creative Writing
Faculty Advisor: Martha Douglas-Osmundson

Adeline Danyla: Ecology–RI Diamondback Terrapins
Faculty Advisor: Ann Lovely