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A More Perfect Union: English Staff Spend Sunday With the Constitution

Ever wonder how Lincoln School teachers spend their Sundays? This past weekend, English faculty members Martha Douglas-Osmundson and Emma Stenberg spent theirs at the Rhode Island School of Design digging into and discussion one of the greatest living documents of our time: the United States Constitution. 

Looking Forward and Reflecting on the First Day of 2018/19

Though the heat of summer is still with us, the 2018/19 school year has officially begun! Wednesday, September 5 marked the start of the academic year, one that promises to be full of learning, exploration, and inspiration for students, faculty, and staff alike. 

Lincoln School New Faculty & Staff 2018

Meet the newest faces of Lincoln School's talented faculty and staff! From Lower School to Upper School, from the courts of the WNBA to the shores of St. Croix, Lincoln School continues to attract the best and brightest teachers, coaches, staff, and leaders.

Going Global: Cuba Program 2018 Wrap Up

Another amazing Cuba Program adventure is officially in the books! The 10-day program was a deep-dive into the Cuban culture and the arts from Havana to Viñales and back again.

Four Ways For Women to Lead Fearlessly

Ever wonder how to lead fearlessly? Read on for some expert advice in an excerpt from Head of School Suzanne Fogarty's recent talk at the Wonder Women! Leadership + Design conference! 

Bridging the Gap: Two Class of 2018 Graduates Make Their Mark

At Lincoln School, we believe in bold minds that forge their own paths. Two such minds are members of the Class of 2018, Portia Gaitskell and Lynn Villarica, who have big plans to thrive at prestigious schools after Lincoln, but not before taking some time to make their mark on far corners of the world.