News and Events

2018–19 Center Coffee Hours Announced

A program designed for members of the Lincoln Community interested in having conversations revolving around the 8 cultural identifiers, which include race, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, gender, socio-economic status/class, and sexual orientation. 

Cultivating a Girl Force: International Day of the Girl 2018

Today, October 11, is celebrated as The International Day of the Girl. This year’s theme—With Her: A Skilled Girl Force—asks that everyone stand with girls globally as they rally together, creating and celebrating a potent force for change.

Sense of Wonder: Exploring and Discovering the World in Lower School's Studio

The Studio, a inspirational hub in Lincoln’s Lower School, is a place of provocation and exploration for children ages 3-6 years who are members of the Oak Room (Nursery), Ginkgo Room (Pre-Kindergarten), and Kindergarten classes. From floor to ceiling, in the Studio students are surrounded by the wonders of nature, enmeshed in a tactile and sensory learning experience, and challenged to play and discover worlds they never dreamed possible.

Is the World Ready For Lincoln Girls?

Head of School Suzanne Fogarty asks: is the world ready for a next generation of girls that speak their truth, know their power, and are poised to change the status quo?

Extended Reach: Relational Teaching Philosophies in our After-School Program

I came recently across an article called “The Enduring Power of Relational Teaching” and it caught my eye. Relational teaching is all about getting to know your students and making sure they are affirmed, seen, and known as unique individuals, making them confident that they bring value to our community, to their peers and their teachers—aka the foundation of Lincoln's after-school program.