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Sign Up for Summer at Lincoln School!

Though the weather outside is still a bit frightful, the summer will be here before we know it! It's the perfect time to plan in which Lincoln camps your children will be participating.

On Our Minds May 2018: Speaking Up and Speaking Out

Maureen Devlin, Head of Lower School, and Suzanne Fogarty, Head of School, share their perspective on all the exciting and innovative initiatives taking place in Nursery–Grade 5. With a combined 55 years of experience in education, from New Mexico to New York City, from Brookline to Brooklyn, we highlight independent school teaching and learning at its best.

Lincoln girls speak up and speak out. We’ve seen it firsthand, from our youngest students to our rising seniors, and each time we ask: how do they find the courage to state their opinions (and they have many!) and share their ideas? Certainly a few are natural extroverts, unafraid to stand in front of their peers and say what’s on their mind, but for others, using and trusting their own voice is a learned skill. Boldness can be born, but here at Lincoln, we know it also can be built. 

Mom-entous Occasion: #momlife Group Launches on Lincoln Connect!

This Mother's Day, we want to give a big shout-out to all the moms in the Lincoln community! Whether you are one, have one, or are missing one, this Mother's Day we recognize and thank all the mothers out there for all they are and all they do to enrich our lives.

Curious Minds: Final Brown University Engineering Class Showcase

For the fourth year, a group of Lincoln School students has immersed themselves in a college-level Introduction to Engineering Class at Brown University. The class of 22 girls got hands-on with human-centered design and the framework of engineering principles, by researching, designing, and finally building both an iphone dock and a myoelectronic prosthetic arm.