Summer Reading and Assignments

Upper School Summer Reading and Assignments

Art Assignments

Art Majors Assignment

English Department

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History Department Summer Enrichment

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Foreign Language

Foreign Language Optional Enrichment

Science Assignments

Advanced Biology
Advanced Chemistry
Advanced Physics: Physical Applications to Calculus

Math Assignments

Summer math practice is an important bridge from one grade level to the next. We expect students to spend about 3-4 hours total on their summer math practice. If the assignments end up taking significantly longer than that, please reach out to the teacher listed for each grade level. Upper school student assignments will vary depending on the course they are taking.

Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Algebra 2 Honors
College Algebra
Geometry & Geometry Honors
Regular Statistics
Advanced Statistics
Pre-Calculus Honors: IXL Assignment and Review     
Advanced Calculus 1
Advanced Calculus 2

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