Ordering Books

Required textbooks for every grade level are posted below by school level.

Textbooks can be purchased from any store or vendor that is most convenient or cost-effective for your family. Please be sure that you pay close attention to the ISBN number to ensure that you purchase the correct edition.

Lower School

Click HERE for the Lower School Book List.
We are preordering the math and French books to obtain the best price, and you will be billed for them in the late summer.
Please note: K–3 families should purchase their child's handwriting workbook.

Lower School Supply Lists

Middle School

Click HERE for the Middle School Book List
All math books have been ordered by the school and families will be charged in September.

Middle School Supply Lists

Upper School

Families will be alerted by email when Upper School course lists are available in the portal. 
Click HERE for the Upper School Book List.
All students in Grade 9 and new students must have a Texas Instrument 84+CE Graphing Calculator.