Back-to-School Forms

There are several forms that every student must have on file before the start of school. Please be sure that all of these are complete as soon as possible. 

1.Complete the Physician School Health Form: Click HERE for a template if needed.

  • If you would like to upload your Physician School Health form click HERE.
  • To be current this form must be completed within the last 13 months and include immunization documentation. New required immunizations can be found HERE.

2. Complete the Lincoln School Parent Health Form: Click HERE.

3. For Lower School Only: Complete a dismissal form for each child. Be sure that each person who is authorized to pick up your child is listed in the portal under Pickup Authorization. Click HERE for dismissal form. Click HERE to update Pickup Authorization in the portal.

A Note to Athletes
Any student playing a sport MUST submit a yearly Physician School Health Form , from their physician each year in order to participate. This form must be submitted before preseason begins. If a student is playing a Fall sport, this means August 1. Please understand this is a state regulation, and students who do not have a current physical exam form on file will not be permitted to practice with their team, until the form is in.