After-School Enrichment Programs

After-School Enrichment Programs (ASEP)

Lincoln offers enrichment classes in three sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring) through our After School Enrichment Program. These classes are designed to provide children with enjoyable experiences in a variety of areas including music lessons, creative arts, sciences, languages, and athletics. Taught by Lincoln teachers and other experienced professionals, the courses are aimed at a variety of age and interest levels. After School Enrichment Programs require separate enrollment and fees. For more information contact, Brenna Anderson at or the direct line 401-455-1159.

After-School Enrichment Programs

Fall program: Complete
Winter program: Click HERE to browse, click HERE to register
Winter Mini Enrichments: Click HERE to browse, click HERE to register

Music Lessons

Monday–Friday 3:15-5:45 p.m. (lessons scheduled)
Location: Lower School Classrooms
Contact: Brenna Anderson
All Music Lesson information available HERE.