Epi-Pens, Inhalers and Allergy Action Plans

Any student who has a diagnosis of asthma and uses an inhaler or has an allergy with a prescription for an epi pen: Lincoln School requires that you keep an inhaler and/or epi-pen on school premises, and also requires a doctor's order for those medications be kept on file in the health office.

Even if the epi-pen or inhaler is carried by the student, and not kept in the nurse's office, the school requires that a doctor's order for the medication be on file in the health office. Doctor's orders also need to be submitted yearly. If you have not yet supplied the school with an updated doctor's order for your child's epi-pen or inhaler, please do so as soon as possible.

If these medications are to be kept in the nurses office, please send them in their original prescription boxes, with the doctor's order. In case of food allergy, a Food Allergy Action Planmust be completed by the student's physician.

All medications kept in the nurses office, need to be picked up at the end of the school year. Any inhalers/epi-pens left in the nurses office over the summer, will be discarded, so please, make sure you pick these medications up at the end of the year.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about this, or any other health policy, feel free to contact the school nurse, 331-9696, ext 3122.

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