Field Trip Medication Procedures

If your daughter requires a daily medication that will need to be taken during a day field trip, or an overnight trip:

  • A Field Trip Medication Authorization Form, found in Magnus must be completed if medications will be sent with your daughter on a field trip. This form, and the medication, must be delivered to the school nurse, at least one day prior to the trip.
  • If the daily medication is a prescription med, and if there is not already a copy of the doctor’s order for the prescription on file in the school, please supply a copy of that order with the medication.
  • Medication must be supplied in its original prescription bottle.
  • Please send in only the amount that will be needed during the trip, plus one or two extra, in case of loss.
  • If the medication is an over the counter variety, please send it in the original packaging, with instructions.
  • Prescription medications in the original prescription bottle, and over the counter daily meds, in their original packaging, must be put in a ziplock bag, clearly labeled with the student’s name, grade and birthdate.
  • Please DO NOT pour loose pills into a ziplock bag and send to school. These will not be identifiable, and will not be administered to your child.
  • Please DO NOT send bottles of Ibuprofen or Tylenol with your daughter. The chaperones will have a supply of Ibuprofen and Tylenol should your daughter unexpectedly need a pain reliever and/or fever reducer, on the trip. You will be called for permission to administer these to your daughter, unless we have already been given permission via the Emergency Authorization forms.
  • If the medication being sent is an EPI PEN, or an asthma inhaler, which is usually self carried by your daughter, it is still necessary to complete the Field Trip Medication Authorization Form.

Please be aware that there will not be a nurse, or medical personnel on the trip, so your daughter will be supervised by a teacher, while taking the medication herself. All medications will be kept by the chaperones. No students will be allowed to carry medications (with the possible exception of asthma inhalers, or Epi Pens.) If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact the school nurse. 401-331-9696, ext 3122.