Health and Wellness

Diane Murphy, RN
School Nurse

Jessie Lund
School Psychologist

Health Center Information

Lincoln is committed to the wellbeing of every student. We work hard to lay the groundwork for students to develop the social, emotional, physical knowledge and skills to make healthy choices that sustain a well-balanced lifestyle.

The Health Center is located on the garden level of the Middle School. Diane Murphy, School Nurse, and Jessie Lund, School Psychologist, work closely together to support the health care needs of all students.

As always, Lincoln's health care providers are both available to the community by phone or appointment to answer any questions.

Parents can make an appointment with Jessie at 
Students can make an appointment with Jessie at 

Learn more about Jessie's role by division:
Psychological Services for Lower School
Psychological Services for Middle and Upper School 

After-Illness Attestation

In the event that a community member has any symptom of COVID–19 and can not be in school an After–Illness Return Attestation form must be completed and submitted before returning to school. To submit the form:

1. Place in a sealed envelope and delivered by the student to the school nurse or division assistant.

2. Upload using the form below.