Kim Sprague Anderson ’80
Kathrin Pagonis Belliveau ’86
Martha Boss Bennett ’85
Mari Marchionte Bianco ’97
Donna Paolino Coia ’70
Megan Murray Craigen ’93
Helena Buonanno Foulkes ’82
Gail Auslander Ginnetty ’64
Mary Borah Gorman ’79
Laurel Davis Huber ’69
Jane Palestine Jamieson ’71
Dione Dickenson Kenyon ’72
Sophie Glenn Lau ’88
Ellie Mahoney Loughlin ’85
Paula Murray McNamara ’80
Suzanne Young Murray ’58
Mary Lioce Narvell ’75
Mih-Ho Cha Neenan ’81
Nancy Nahigian Tavitian ’82

We are a network of alumnae who individually make a $10,000+ commitment to Lincoln, launched by Head of School Sophie Glenn Lau ’88. "I am happy and honored to be at the center of the Power of Ten initiative—a group of dedicated alumnae coming together to power the potential of the next generation of Lincoln leaders."

This community is a catalyst for resources, by and for women and girls, with a goal of leading philanthropic giving at Lincoln.

Together, we are investing boldly in Lincoln to ensure its strength and leadership now and long into the future. Together, through the Power of Ten, we can do more!


We can do more.

Join our Community.

As our annual primary fundraising initiative that supports our highest priorities, the Lincoln Fund plays a major role in everything we do.

It is one of the key reasons for our strong financial position, especially during uncertain times. These funds allow us to make sure the Lincoln experience is truly exceptional by helping to cover the gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate each and every student.
Alumnae contributions lead the way making up 44% of the total Lincoln Fund last year.