Building Beginnings

Big things have happened at Lincoln's Little School! 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, supporters, and community, Lincoln’s new Little School expansion is officially complete! The 4,700-square-foot building, sustainable, net-zero building, is now filled with the sounds of our littlest learners’ learning and laughter.

The cutting-edge facility was built to maximize the connections and creativity of a Reggio-Emilia pedagogy while also honoring our Quaker roots with its sustainable, environmentally conscious design. 

Sustainable Design & Construction

Registered with the US Green Building Council and pending LEED Silver Certification, the Little School expansion was built in partnership with Brookline, MA-based studioMLA Architects, Warwick’s Deslandes Construction, and North Kingston-based Newport Solar on the building.

The building was designed and built to minimize its footprint:

  • It neither contains nor utilizes any fossil fuels, and produces zero carbon emissions.
  • The roof of the building contains a 63.5kW solar array, which provides more energy than the building requires to run, funnelling the excess back to the main campus and lessening the school’s overall carbon footprint. 
  • The building was designed with the highest air quality standards—fresh exterior air is brought into a state-of-the-art heating, cooling, and air exchange system and circulated continuously throughout the building. 
  • All building materials were carefully selected from sustainable sources that contain no off-gassing chemicals. 

Our Unique Educational Approach

Little School’s unique educational approach honors children as individuals who are curious about their world and have the powerful potential to learn from all that surrounds them. 

Take a look inside the new Little School building!

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