Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Please see below for information about our morning and afternoon traffic patterns and procedures per division.

No students will be allowed on campus before 7:30 a.m.

Carriage House:

  • Little School parents will continue to access the Carriage House by way of East Orchard Avenue (from Butler Avenue), turning right on Paterson Street and utilizing the available 15-minute parking spots before entering the building.
  • Parents will continue to use the Daily Connect app to fill out their child’s health information.

Carriage House Traffic Flow

Little School and Early Childhood (Nursery & PreK) Classroom and Arrival:

  • Parents whose children are students in the new Little School building or in the Early Childhood classrooms should approach campus on East Orchard Avenue, by way of Parkside Road. Drop-off and pick-up parking can be found in the Brookside Avenue lot or the 15-minute parking in front of 64 East Orchard Avenue.
  • Parents with students in Oak Leaves and Ginkgo will walk their children to the front door of Lower School, where Giovonne Calenda will be waiting to greet them, and walk children to their classroom between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.
  • Note: some Early Childhood parents have historically elected to drop their children off in the front circle along with Lower School students. If you’d prefer that, you may follow the below Lower School Drop Off procedures.
  • Parents with students in either section of Beech Tree or the Oak Room should be dropped off at the front door while the playground is being renovated. Kim Lough and Giovonne Calenda will be there waiting to greet them, and walk them to their classroom between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.
  • Parents with children in Carriage House, Little School, and both sections of Beech Tree will continue to use the Daily Connect app to attest to their child’s health screening.

Little School and Early Childhood Traffic Flow

Little School and Early Childhood Dismissal:

  • For Beech Tree classrooms and Christine Boulay's Oak room: During playground construction please ring the bell at the front door for pickup and your child will be brought out to you. We will resume using the back playground gate once the playground renovation is complete.
  • Oak Leaves and Ginkgo students please come directly to the exterior door of your child's classroom for pickup. 

Lower School Arrival:

  • All Lower School students (and Early Childhood students, should their parents find that helpful) should be dropped off in the front circle. (No other divisions will be utilizing the front circle for drop off).
  • Lower School families should continue to access the front circle by approaching via East Orchard Avenue from Parkside Avenue, turning right into the circle. After dropping off, they may exit the front circle via Paterson Street.
  • On the first day of school parents will be able to park (street parking only) to walk their children to their classroom doors to ensure children are comfortable and settled. 
  • On every other day, please drop your child in the front circle where they will be greeted by a  faculty or staff member who will walk them to Lower School along the front path. Students will be expected to carry their own backpacks and other belongings into school. Please note that Kindergarten and Grade 1 families can walk children to their classrooms throughout the year.

Lower School Traffic Flow

Lower School Dismissal:

Lower School students should be picked up will be at 3:05 in the front circle.

Students in Extended Day and Enrichments (Grades K–5) should pick up their children from the Front Circle. Extended Day will be held in the Middle School Meeting room which is visible from the circle. If you need to reach Maeghan D'Abrosca call her at 562-230-9413.

Middle and Upper School Arrival:

  • Parents of Middle and Upper Schoolers who drive their children to school will access campus via East Orchard Avenue, from Butler Avenue.
  • Parking on this one-way stretch of East Orchard will not be allowed in order to make room for a drive-through drop off.
  • Parking spots on the left side of East Orchard will be designated for Middle and Upper School student drop off, and the right side will be reserved to ensure adequate traffic flow.
  • Parents will be asked to line up along the left hand side of the street beginning at 7:30 a.m.
  • After you student exits the car please turn right on Paterson Street.

Middle and Upper Schools Traffic Flow

Middle and Upper School Dismissal:

  • Middle and Upper Schoolers should be picked up at the front circle no earlier than 3:15 p.m.
  • Students must go to after-school study hall if they are not in athletics, or wish to remain at school after 3:30 p.m. Study Hall is held in the Dining Room and ends at 4:30 every day.
  • If you arrive earlier than 3:15 p.m., please do not enter the front circle until after that time in order to allow for a smooth Lower School pick up process.