Music Lessons Program

Registration Form

Please fill out and submit the following information. If your family includes additional students participating, or if a student in your family is studying more than one instrument, please fill this form out separately for EACH student or instrument.

Student Information

Returning students only. New students will be assigned to an available instructor as trial lessons are scheduled.​
If new to the program and not sure which lesson length to choose, please select "30 minutes."‚Äč​

Family Information

New Students and others who have not yet scheduled a lesson time

Please fill out if you have NOT YET confirmed a lesson time with an instructor. If you have communicated with the instructor already, please answer "Scheduled Day" and "Scheduled Time," below.

Lesson availability

Students with a confirmed lesson time

Please fill out only if you have already communicated with the instructor and CONFIRMED a lesson day and time. If you have not, please answer the previous question.
Leave blank if you do not yet have a lesson day and time scheduled.​
Leave blank if you do not yet have a lesson day and time scheduled.​

Attendance Policy

Please read the attendance/cancellation policy on the program website, then check the following box before submitting this form. 

I have read all information available at the program website. I understand the cancellation policy and agree to contact my child’s instructor as soon as I am aware of an upcoming absence. I acknowledge that one missed lesson may be rescheduled per trimester, only if the absence is due to illness or medical appointment, and only if I have contacted the instructor directly, before the scheduled time of the lesson.