Middle School Athletic Handbook


The Middle school and Upper school programs differ dramatically in both the expectations of the participants and the type of competition. This is a guide explaining the philosophy and offerings available in our Middle School sports program, which includes Grade 5 for field hockey, soccer and lacrosse.

The Middle School athletic program at Lincoln School offers a blend of competitive and non-competitive sports. Middle school sports are as much about participating as they are about learning basic skills. We encourage each student to try a new sport and we give every student the opportunity to participate at some level. Below is a listing of the seven sport offerings available to the Middle School student at Lincoln School. The number of teams and level of competition for each sport will depend on the number of participants. Prior to the start of each season sign-up sheets are posted to allow students to choose the sport in which they would like to participate.

Middle School Sport Offerings:

Fall Winter Spring
Soccer (5–8) Basketball Lacrosse (5–8)

Field Hockey (5–8)



Cross Country    

Team Sports

The Middle School field hockey, soccer, basketball and lacrosse interscholastic teams play both an A & B team schedule and participate in a small A team round-robin tournament at the conclusion of the season. Teams that play an A&B schedule usually play games back to back, which on game days make for a longer time commitment. Interscholastic teams will be selected according to ability and playing experience

Individual Sports

Swimming is the only sport in our upper school athletic program that also includes middle school students. The middle school girls who participate in this program practice four days a week and compete and train with our upper school athletes. A sport fee is assessed for this choice.

Lincoln offers both instructional and competitive Tennis in the spring and includes skill development and intramural challenge matches for both singles and doubles play. Those players skilled to compete will have matches against local school, usually a co-ed team.

Length of Seasons, Schedules and Time Commitments

Fall Season September- October

Winter Season December - February

Spring Season April - May

Schedules of practices and games can accessed in the Lincoln School Portal. Any updates and changes to the schedule will be reflected on the portal calendars.

Middle school teams practice three or four days a week for 1 to 1.5 hours per day. Practice takes place on the Lincoln Campus, Faxon Farm or at The Fox Point Boys and Girls Club (swimming).

In order to be eligible to participate in any athletic activities, a student must be in school by 10 a.m.

Athletic Training

All student athletes must have a current year medical form on file with the school in order to participate in any practices or games. If there has been an injury or apparent change in the athlete's health, the Athletic Trainer may request an updated health form from the student’s physician. If a student is injured, she should report the injury immediately to the Athletic Trainer. The Athletic Trainer will evaluate the injury to determine the course of action needed to be taken. The Athletic Trainer will then contact the parents of the athlete to discuss the injury. If an athlete needs emergency treatment, first aid will be administered and the parents will be contacted as soon as possible.

Any athlete who has not been able to participate because of an injury or illness will need to be evaluated by the Athletic Trainer before resuming participation.

Sport Fees

The Lincoln School Athletic Department offers a wide variety of choices for interscholastic and recreational sports. Most of our sports are offered either on the Lincoln Campus or at our facility at Faxon Farm. Some, however, need to be held at off campus sites. Specifically, swimming is offered at The Fox Point Boy's and Girls Club. If your daughter chooses to participate in the sport of swimming a fee is charged to your account and applied toward the cost of renting the facility.

Code of Sportsmanship


Lincoln School student athletes are expected to live up to a high standard of sportsmanship established by the school, leagues, and coaches. Lincoln School expects all of its athletes, coaches and spectators to behave in a sportsmanlike manner at all contests. All opponents and officials should be treated with respect and all athletes should accept seriously the privilege of representing the school and the Lincoln Community.


Parents are expected to maintain a manner of conduct that supports the standard for sportsmanship within our community.

Schedules of practices and games can accessed in the Lincoln School Portal. Any updates and changes to the schedule will be reflected on the portal calendars.

If you have particular questions or concerns, please contact Ann Palms, Director of Athletics, during school hours at 331-9696 x3138.