Athletic Guidelines for Players, Parents and Fans

Welcome to Lincoln Athletics!

Lincoln School 2017-18 Athletic Guidelines

It’s a whole new year for us all in our chosen sports and a good opportunity now to begin with strong communications of how and why athletics can have such a profound impact on us, beyond each season, each year, all through our lives. We develop physical skills, of course, but grow beyond the physical to enhance self-esteem, encourage individual and team accomplishments, and instill sportsmanship and the spirit of fair play.

The Lincoln School Athletic Program incorporates essential values of commitment, teamwork, and passion. Each Lincoln student’s experience as an athlete is based upon the incorporation of these three values, which are all at the core of how we play and who we are as members of the Lincoln community.


Student athletes must follow all school rules, meet academic expectations, and adhere to Lincoln School’s Code of Ethics.

Student athletes must be at school by 10 a.m. in order to play or practice that day. The only exceptions to this rule are a medical or other valid written excuse.

Student athletes must attend every practice, be on time, and be picked up on time. (Parents, please be respectful of the required start and end times of practices and games.) Players must be prepared to start practicing when practice begins. Early dismissal from practice without a doctor’s note or specific Lincoln School academic commitment (this does not include completing homework and studying for tests) will be considered a missed practice. If a conflict arises, the student- athlete must communicate directly with the coach well in advance of the practice or contest. Commitments made to an outside sport/activity are not considered a valid excuse for missing practice, and if a player misses practice for this reason, they might not start in the next game. If this becomes an ongoing problem it might result in suspension from the team.

Any missed practice time without a written excuse will be considered an unexcused missed practice. Playing time may be adjusted due to unexcused missed practice time. If a player has an unexcused absence from a practice the day before a game, she might not start or possibly even play at all in that game. If a player misses two or more practices during the week the player might not play in the next game.

Attend every game with the proper home or away uniform. Everyone plays a role on the team that requires encouragement and support throughout the game. After the game, all players must help clean up the field and put away equipment. No player may leave practice or a game until the field/court/course/pool is clean. If a JV game takes place after a varsity game, varsity players are expected to attend the entire first half of the JV game to provide support for our players.


Players must maintain a high level of effort and behavior in the classroom to match their enthusiasm on the field. Athletes are expected to show respect at all times in tone of voice, body language, reaction to instruction/officials’ calls, and always toward coaches, officials, opponents, teammates, and fans (including parents). Fair Play and personal integrity are essential at all times for Lincoln student athletes, parents, coaches, and fans.

Captains are elected by the team, but these positions and responsibilities are ultimately at the discretion of the coaches. Captains are to be respected for their leadership—their example will drive proper attendance, attitude, and aptitude.

Captains, when appropriate, may act as liaisons between players and coaches as well as between officials and players.

Whether on varsity or JV, a spot on a Lincoln team is a privilege available to all who sincerely try out and do their best. The coaching staff will help each athlete understand their unique role on the team. While athletes will vary in skill level, playing time is also dependent upon the embodiment of commitment, teamwork, and passion.


Lincoln School athletes are dedicated to the growth and stability of the team and athletic program. Each player’s drive to improve her own individual skill set and knowledge of the sport directly impacts the success of the entire team. Examples include:

  • •Knowledge of strategy, plays, positions, responsibilities
  • •Knowledge of particular game/race situations
  • •The ability to listen respectfully and follow instructions from coaches during competition

Knowledge of the sport includes knowing and respecting your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses and being a team player no matter the circumstance. When all teammates, parents, and coaches respect and follow these guidelines, it will lead to a safe, fair, successful, and fun season.


As a top independent school based on Quaker values, Lincoln School’s athletic program imparts important life skills by promoting the development of good character. At all practices and athletic contests, coaches, players, parents, and fans are expected to model the proper ideals and highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play.

With this in mind, Lincoln School embraces the Next Play Mentality (NPM) Initiative. When one considers the typical complaints or displays of bad behavior or inappropriate comments, we would agree that this nearly always happens over a play that has already occurred. The excited coach strongly disagrees with an official’s call and receives a technical foul/red card/ejection; a player displays visual disgust in gestures and words that may earn a technical foul/red card/ejection; a parent or fan screams their displeasure at an official, all over a play that already happened. These examples illustrate inappropriate behavior for constituents of Lincoln School and is almost always over a past play which cannot be redone

or a call which cannot or will not be changed. In the meantime coaches, players, parents, and fans miss out on forward momentum—the next play is the only one we can control. Whether on the court or field, or on the sidelines, members of

the community have the capability to positively impact the course of the competition by engaging in the Next Play Mentality. When we do, our ideals and modeling of true sportsmanship will emerge. With the NPM in mind:

As Players, Coaches, Parents, and Fans, I/we will:

  • •Be positive role models on the sidelines
  • •Cheer for the Lynx, not against the opponents
  • •Applaud good play and effort for both teams
  • •Respect the integrity and judgment of all game officials and coaches
  • •Refrain from using artificial noise makers
  • •Refrain from shouting at officials
  • •Refrain from shouting coaching comments (please leave coaching to the coaches)
  • •Refrain from making demeaning comments regarding the officials or opposing school or players
  • •Refrain from speaking to the coaches directly after contests (meetings with the coach can be arranged by appointment)

By clicking this form, I agree to all the terms, guidelines and conditions listed above, with the understanding that, if my conduct repeatedly fails to display the NPM Initiative, the following consequences may be imposed:

  • •Ejection from the contest for inappropriate behavior
  • •Persistent violations may result in that individual being asked not to attend future contests

As we enter into this season together, let’s go into this school year with the self-respect and mutual commitment to make the 2017-2018 a great time for ourselves and our teammates to remember with joy.