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Lumina has grown and changed since its inception when it replaced Vespers in December 1994—songs have come and gone, and those highly-anticipated 45 minutes have become a community event rather than a performance. It is an expanded silent meeting, focusing on peace, humanity and stewardship of the Earth with references to Lincoln’s Quaker values.

It also keeps beautiful and touching aspects of its Vespers predecessor that alumnae remember so well… a candlelight procession of the seniors, “dress” uniform, handbells and LOTS of music. Lumina is as vital a part of Lincoln life now as Vespers has been for alumnae. To quote Hallmark, "Traditions are not for keeping, they're for keeping us together."

Below is a download of the lyrics of all the Lumina songs as well as informal recordings to sing along with.

Download a PDF of the lyrics:

Disclaimer: These are sound files of an informal recording of a 2006 rehearsal in order (NOT concert or CD quality)

The Songs Only:

Mistresses and Masters
Simple Gifts
Take Up the Song
Instrument of Peace
Garden of the Earth
One Little Candle
Peace Round