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Style Maven: Stefanie Casinelli Taylor ’97 Launches ZAXIE

Stefanie Casinelli Taylor ’97, has a story to tell. The longtime owner and president of Gennaro, a Rhode Island-based family jewelry company, recently launched her own accessory brand, ZAXIE by Stefanie Taylor. ZAXIE and Gennaro are both proudly women-owned and women-operated businesses committed to providing outstanding opportunities for their employees and community, a mission near and dear to Lincoln’s heart.  

This is an exciting move for Stefanie, who has participated in Lincoln’s mentoring program, LincUPtoLearn by welcoming current Lincoln students into her workplace for a hands-on learning experience of the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into running a business, building a brand, and being a business woman. This new endeavor not only broadens Stefanie’s Lincoln Connect footprint, but is a natural expansion of her professional abilities and personal philosophy.

"Since I was a little girl, I've known the pride of doing something on my own. I was raised to believe women can do and become anything. With my mom at the helm of the family business, this was the life I lived. Which is why a spirit of entrepreneurialism combined with strong determination and hard work runs deep to my core and is such a large part of who I am.

As a woman, juggling is what I do. Constantly shifting between mom, wife, daughter, friend, and businesswoman is the only world I know. At times, life feels almost too immense to navigate. Like all of us strong women must do, I choose to wake up and give it my all. I am fearlessly devoted to innovation, encased in thoughtful leadership, and advancing with my team towards our common goals.

Our brand [ZAXIE] was created to give each of you a reason to put two feet on the floor and embrace the world each and every day. To face these challenges with one another, to inspire, empower, and achieve. To bring my lifetime of experience in this industry to make a difference. Not just making beautiful accessories, but allowing each and every woman wherever she is to find her beautiful. To take comfort in the personalities we possess when we sparkle—playful, sophisticated, joyous, unapologetic.

To keep it all real and remind me always of what is most important, I named this brand after the two little muses in my life, my sons Zachary and Jax."

Join us in congratulating Stefanie on her new endeavor, visit ZAXIE.com to learn more, and sign up on www.lincolnconnect.org to say hello to Stefanie and 3,500 other Lincoln women today!

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