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New Look, Same Info: Kilt Connections Alumnae Newsletter Gets an Update

With the launch of Lincoln Connect—our digital home for alumnae–in March, Lincoln School’s community of over 3,500 alumnae are connecting and reconnecting in new and meaningful ways. From career leads to reunion buzz, from upcoming Lincoln events to highlights from The Green Light blog, the platform is designed with the alumnae user in mind, providing opportunities to connect, inspire, expand, and grow from anywhere and at every stage of life.

And now, we’ve made one more exciting change, giving Kilt Connections–our monthly alumnae newsletter–a new look! Since early 2016, Kilt Connections has been hitting email inboxes at the end of each month, featuring Lincoln School news, alumnae community highlights, and a full event calendar. Its new iteration–sent directly through the Lincoln Connect site–will feature all that and more, bringing our many opportunities for engagement right to your fingertips.

The new and improved Kilt Connections will feature:

  • A Blog Post | Each month, we will highlight a trending post from The Green Light, but please make sure to subscribe to the blog to get all the latest news from Lincoln!

  • Upcoming Events | We love to see you in person, and each month we host community events and regional alumnae gatherings to provide unique opportunities for our alumnae.

  • Photos | Professional event photos, candids from alumnae, throwback Polaroids discovered in a closet cleanout...they all live on Lincoln Connect, and the highlights will be pulled into the newsletter.

  • Career Opportunities | We are excited to offer a spot for our alumnae network to share internships and job postings—post one if you have one and apply if interested!

  • Member Info | New alumnae join Lincoln Connect daily (make sure to tell your friends about it!), and each newsletter will feature our newest members, recent comments shared on the feed, and a selection of alumnae that are willing to help YOU!

We hope you enjoy the revamped Kilt Connections and, if you haven’t already, join Lincoln Connect today!

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