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Mom-entous Occasion: #momlife Group Launches on Lincoln Connect!

This Mother's Day, we want to give a big shout-out to all the moms in the Lincoln community! Whether you are one, have one, or are missing one, this Mother's Day we recognize and thank all the mothers out there for all they are and all they do to enrich our lives.

There is no job description for a mother, but if there was it would be a long and impressive list. Leader, mediator, boss, keeper of secrets, doctor, tutor, storyteller, and so much more. In honor of this day and in recognition of all moms' hard work, we are launching a special Lincoln Connect group for all our alumnae moms in the world: #momlife! 

Lincoln Connect is a great resource for mothers of all ages and stages of life, working, full-time, or somewhere in between. As Lauren Swick Jordan '88, self described Supreme Ruler/Goddess at the Jordan Family, says:

"I will always consider Lincoln a home; it is where I grew up. My Lincoln sisters are still my sisters! It takes a tribe to parent any child and no one understands as much as other parents what raising children is all about. Having a tribe of mothers who gets it, is essential for survival and for success—what a wonderful opportunity to connect to the Lincoln tribe of mothers on Lincoln Connect!"

Sign up today for Lincoln Connect to join Lauren and 3,500 other women to celebrate motherhood and find your tribe! 

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