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LincUPtoLearn 2019: Nicole Gesmondi ’01

LincUPtoLearn–Lincoln’s mentoring program that connects current students and alumnae–took place during the first two weeks of April, and Ana Belliveau ’22 and Anika Istok ’20 had the opportunity to visit Nicole Gesmondi ’01, Owner and Lead Photographer of Nicole Gesmondi Photographer. They each reflect on their experience in this blog post!

Ana Belliveau ’22
On my visit to the photography studio, I was able to get a hands-on experience in this field. I was able to first observe photos being taken by the professional, then model as the subject, and, lastly, take photos myself. It was very interesting to view each perspective of a photo shoot and how they all play separate roles yet work together at the same time. I loved going to different locations and seeing how lighting and background can affect so much of the final product. I was shocked to learn that so many things go unnoticed because they are in the right place. When they aren’t, that is when you start to realize their presence in the shot. When everything is symmetrical and centered, your eyes are able to focus on the true subject of the photo. Overall, I had a great experience!

Anika Istok ’20
For LincUPtoLearn, I visited a photography studio and got the chance to learn all about the process involved. First, we talked about the professional side of the job and things like advertising and social media. After discussing a few different aspects of her job, I actually got to see some photos being taken. Then I was able to model while photos were taken of me and, finally, I got to take the photos! I also learned a bit about editing and the process of sending out photos to clients. My favorite part was probably learning more about how photos are affected by different lighting and angles. We got to do some experimenting with flash so we could actually see the difference when flash was used versus when it wasn't. I was most surprised about how much time goes into getting the perfect photo. At the end of our session, we had taken so many pictures, but we only ended up keeping a select few. This was a great experience that I will never forget!

Stay tuned here for more reflections on our final week of LincUPtoLearn visits!

Are you an alumnae interested in participating in next year’s LincUPtoLearn? Reach out to Courtney Trafton, Associate Director of Advancement, at ctrafton@lincolnschool.org.