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LincUPtoLearn 2019: Jessica Ricci ’91

LincUPtoLearn–Lincoln’s mentoring program that connects current students and alumnae–began on Monday, April 1 when Olive Edelsberg ’24 and Charlotte Lawton ’21 visited Jessica Ricci ’91 in her studio in Downtown Providence. Jessica is the owner of Jessica Ricci Jewelry, and the girls tried their hand at jewelry design during their morning visit. Both students took time to blog about their experiences, and we are excited to share their reflections with you!

Olive Edelsberg ’24
On April 1, I went to Jessica Ricci Jewelry. I was paired up with Charlotte Lawton. We went and worked on sculpting with wax molds. My favorite part of the visit was using the heating tool to shape the wax. We made many things, including rings and an Athena’s helmet necklace. We also learned how to make very intricate bracelets with amulets in them. What surprised me the most about my visit was it is very, very hard to make jewelry, and you need to concentrate a lot. It takes a lot of time and patience to make it look good.This was a great experience for me and I had a super fun time.

Charlotte Lawton ’21
On April 1, I got the opportunity to visit Jessica Ricci, the owner and creator of Jessica Ricci Jewelry, with Olive Edelsberg. We sculpted wax molds to create our own rings, and made bracelets using a variety of designs. Using a heating tool, we shaped and smoldered wax to create our rings. My favorite part of the visit was using the different tools to shape the wax and using my creativity to come up with my own design and ideas. I was surprised how many steps there are to creating a piece of jewelry and how much time is put into each piece, even for something as small as a ring. Overall, I had a really great time!

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Are you an alumnae interested in participating in next year’s LincUPtoLearn? Reach out to Courtney Trafton, Associate Director of Advancement, at ctrafton@lincolnschool.org.