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Lauren Swick Jordan '88 Shares Her Parenting Perspective With The Washington Post

Lauren Swick Jordan '88, a writer and autism-acceptance advocate, recently penned a piece for The Washington Post entitled "Helping my autistic son find his place—at school, at work and in life."

In the story the Lincoln alumna shared her reflections on modern parenting, how to raise thoughtful, respectful, kind children, and how her son's autism has shaped her view of the world. The piece is a beautiful and real portrayal of family, difference, and recognizing the core truths in ourselves and others. An excerpt from the article, in Jordan's own words:

It is important for both my boys to know not everyone will accept them for who they are. The world does not work that way now, and it never has. Autism or not...We have to teach our kids to be themselves and balance the things that make them unique with what the world expects or demands. We need to teach them to choose wisely with whom to share their beautiful selves. Not everyone will get them. Not everyone will love them. They need to be able to find those who do.

When they find those who do, they will find a world that is ready for them.

Read more on The Washington Post website here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/parenting/wp/2018/01/23/helping-my-autistic-son-find-his-place-at-school-at-work-and-in-life/

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