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Friendship Rising: Breaking Bread and Coming Back to Campus

Lincoln was abuzz this week with recent graduates home for the holidays returning to campus visit, some of whom were lucky enough to snag a traditional sweet treat: friendship bread! 

Hannah Fitts '16 returned to get her friendship bread starter from Grade 8's Rosalina Steinmetz and chatted with Hannah Glucksman '18 and Willa Summers '18, with Marema Lo-Plynton '17 looking on!


Grade 8 students Sonia Mlakar and Sophie Rockwell gave Katie Coggins '16 her friendship bread, and an additional pack for Katie's cousin Maggie McNamara '13.

Kai Nunnally and Grace D'Ovidio, also Grade 8, presented Kara Fhon '13 with her bags of starter. 

Nothing makes us more grateful than seeing Lincoln girls of all ages coming together to break (and bake) bread during the holiday season.  

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