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Decades of Love for Lincoln School

Love for Lincoln spans the generations, and this February, a group of alumnae across all decades joined together to challenge the alumnae network to put their love for the school to work by making a gift to the Lincoln Fund for Annual Giving. In true Lincoln fashion, our alumnae stepped up to the challenge and surpassed it, making over 170 gifts in the month of February, and earning an additional $25,000 to support our innovative academic program, strong traditions, and a vibrant athletic and performing arts curriculum.

Throughout the month, several of the challenge donors shared stories about their love for Lincoln and the reasons they feel moved to support the school. Read on for some powerful words from powerful women who continue to have a lasting impact on Lincoln School! 

  "I support Lincoln as a way to thank the school for the great education I received, and to help the school continue providing for the young women in the community. When I read the Lincoln Bulletin, I am impressed with all the programs the school has to expand the girls' education and horizons. The school is doing a wonderful job, especially with the STEAM program, of empowering the girls to become educated, confident, and prepared young women."

–Margaret Perry Clossey '64

"On any given day, if I showed you my phone, I can guarantee you there would be at least 10 messages from my Lincoln girls. We share happy times, sad times, angry times, even just ordinary and uneventful times. That is one special bond I feel so lucky to have!"

–Liza Aguiar '00

"I give to Lincoln because I value the education I received and appreciate Lincoln's efforts to expose its students and alumnae to women who are pushing the boundaries in their respective fields. When I graduated from Lincoln in 1987, there were 26 women in Congress and female representation on corporate boards was not tracked, but it is safe to assume it was negligible. Today there are 104 women in Congress, and women hold approximately 22% of board seats in Fortune 500 companies. I believe Lincoln, and institutions like Lincoln, prepare their graduates to further the advancement of women in business, science, government, and the arts."

–Suzanne Hayes '87

"Lincoln was a major part of my life growing up, and I have always wanted to support the girls and the school's programs. I am especially excited about the new initiatives I see here, and sometimes I wish I could do it again and take advantage of what is happening now!"

–Bliss Matteson '63

"I am thankful and give back to Lincoln because Lincoln gave this once shy little girl confidence, along with a big voice. I learned to be proud to contribute in any circumstance. If I have something I feel is valid to add to any discussion or conversation, you better believe I will be heard!" 

–Stephanie Casinelli Taylor '97

"I give to Lincoln because it was a place that accepted me fully, and gave me the space to develop into the person I am today. Not only did Lincoln encourage self-reflection, but it also pushed me to consider my potential for giving back to my larger community. I am proud to see it uphold these values today, and I am thrilled it continues to be a place for young girls and women to recognize the power of their voices."

–Jessica Coon '10

"I love Lincoln because it allows girls and young women to learn, try new things, lead, fail, build resilience, gain confidence, gain their voice, and grow on their own terms.

It's a small school with really big shoes... leaving an impact in ways that are unimaginable for a small Quaker all-girls school in Providence, Rhode Island. The school educated and graduated two women from my decade (the '80s) who have simultaneously been on Forbes 50 Most Powerful Women in Business. That is an extraordinary accomplishment!

I love Lincoln and all it did for me and so many others I know. I support the school to invest in women's empowerment, which is more important to me than ever. This is a tangible way to support helping women succeed in life. My giving dollars are so much more impactful here, and the return on investment is more visible."

–Nancy Nahigian Tavitian '82




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