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Behind the Scenes: Lumina Day

As a school that has spent the last 135 years providing the very best education for girls and young women, Lincoln School has a lot of treasured traditions that draw our community–past, present, and future–together.

One of these traditions–Lumina–takes place annually on the Friday leading into our Winter Break as a celebration of the season. This community event replaced its predecessor Vespers in December 1994, and has grown and changed significantly over the past 25 years. For example, in response to student input, Mistresses and Masters has been refreshed in 2019 to better reflect its place in our community and has been renamed to Our Welcome Song

While the actual performance may have shifted, this gathering still features many of the touching aspects of both Vespers and Luminas past–a candlelight procession of the seniors, students in dress uniform, the sweet sound of handbells, and plenty of music. It is deeply valued, and this year, like always, it sent our community into Winter Break with feelings of peace and hope. 

As we prepare for two weeks away from Butler Avenue, we invite you behind the scenes on Lumina Day for a glimpse into how this tradition comes to life:

7:30 a.m. | Our Facilities & Operations Team and the Performing Arts Department Faculty put the final touches on Boss McLoughlin Gym to make sure the space was ready for our Community.

8:30 a.m. | Beech Tree, Oak, and Ginkgo students and families gathered for Little Lumina, during which they came together in the Lower School Library to sing songs, wish each other well, and share their thoughts on peace, happiness, and community.

9:30 a.m. | The Class of 2020 gathered for breakfast and bowling, a fun morning sponsored by the Lincoln School Alumnae Association. As part of the event, students were asked, “What do you think of when you hear Lincoln alumna?” Answers included:

  • Proud
  • Friends who help Lincoln students to follow their passion and dreams
  • I think of strong, bold, and kind-hearted women paving the way for success. Lincoln alumnae are capable of anything. 
  • Strong, well-connected, and independent women with a strong sisterhood to support them and their future careers
  • Community of people dedicated to helping one another succeed
  • I think of strong independent women who want to make the world a better place. 
  • Women helping and supporting women
  • Powerful women changing the world

10 a.m. | Parents and other members of our community began to arrive and save their seats for Lumina.

11 a.m. | The handbell ringers gathered in Boss McLoughlin Gym for their final rehearsal.

12 p.m. The Class of 2020 headed to Dwight House for their Senior Luncheon with Head of School Suzanne Fogarty.

Young alumnae returned to Lincoln to catch up with teachers, reconnect with one
another, and enjoy lunch with the Advancement Office in the STEAM Hub before
heading to Lumina.

1 p.m. | The Class of 2020 took their annual photo prior to Lumina. 

1:15 p.m. | Students and faculty lined up to begin the procession. 

1:30 p.m. | Lumina began with the Class of 2020's candlelight procession and Our Welcome Song

3:15 p.m. | Happy Winter Break!