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A Standing Ovation: Grade 8 Fringe Festival Receives Rave Reviews

What do you get when you combine 21 plays, written by 21 Grade 8 students, performed during five different time slots in 11 different locations around the school? Lincoln’s second annual Fringe Festival—produced by the Class of 2023 under the guidance of English Department faculty member Martha Douglas-Osmundson!

Work on the Fringe Festival started back in October when the students began writing their plays and continued up through Tuesday evening’s performances, which were met with rave reviews.

“What a wonderful night last night was,” exclaimed a school administrator. “The Grade 8 girls were amazing–so funny and so talented. All of the hard work paid off. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, and I know my girls did, too. They talked on the way home about which play was their favorite (it was hard for them to decide), and they loved the freedom and excitement of being able to select what they wanted to see.”

Under Douglas-Osmundson’s guidance, the students embraced every piece of the production puzzle, writing plays, creating scenery and props, directing, acting, and even designing their own playbills. They conquered nerves and worked through challenges, supporting one another to produce plays about subjects that truly spoke to them.

“My daughter was quite anxious for days leading up to yesterday,” shared a current Grade 8 parent. “After last night she was like a different kid! What a great confidence booster for her to perform her own piece, and to get the immediate and powerful response of getting legit laughs from her words.”

The evening was heartfelt and wildly entertaining, but the Fringe Festival touched the students who produced it and the community members who experienced it a much deeper way.

“Congratulations to everyone involved in the spectacular Fringe Festival last night,” said Lincoln’s English Department Head. “What a gift to our community that we could experience so many terrific student-written plays, every one of them a great reminder of the urgency of live theater and the power of words. Thank you to Ms. D-O and to all the fine actors, directors, and authors. I'm already looking forward to next year!”

2018 Fringe Festival Lineup

  • The Box by Audra Ball ’23
  • Merry Counseling by Oona Barnett ’23
  • Train of Thought by Margo Boccuni-Godfrey ’23
  • Running Out of Time by Courtney Boghosian ’23
  • The Secret of Baking by Geneva Brown ’23
  • Three’s a Crowd by Lauren Budovsky ’23
  • $15 an Hour by Sarah Caldwell ’23
  • Three Hours Later by Zoe Carpenter ’23
  • 10-Year Lie by Alexis Dahlberg ’23
  • Clueless by Anya Floru ’23
  • The Divorce by Nina Gonzalez ’23
  • Night Shift by Meghan Hastings ’23
  • The Promise by Jade Ma ’23
  • The Last Date by Uma Mandapati ’23
  • Starlight Starbright by Aila McEnroe ’23
  • Kinda, Sorta, Love by Drew Morgan ’23
  • Birdie by Ava Oliveira ’23
  • Lucky by Zosia Rosler ’23
  • The Border Incident by Ellen Snyder ’23
  • The Battle by Hallie Swift ’23
  • The Ketchup Song by Sophia Tremblay ’23