All-Girls Advantage

The class president, star athletes, academic award winners—at Lincoln, they’re all female. Girls here are free to voice their opinions, take risks, and let their true selves shine. Their sense of their own capabilities and potential has nothing to do with how they compare with their male counterparts—and they achieve more as a result.


Girls’ schools should not be judged by the absence of boys, but rather by the presence—the self-assurance, poise, and derring-do—of the girls themselves.


Stronger Academic Skills

Girls’ school students acquire behaviors needed for academic success.

Graduates of girls' school are more likely than coeducated peers to frequently seek alternative solutions to a problem and explore topics on their own, even when not required.

Girls' schools develop critical thinkers

More than 2/3 of the girls' school graduates report frequently supporting their arguments with logic.

Greater Cultural Competence

Girls' school graduates help bridge cultural and racial divides.

When asked about their ability to work and live in a diverse society, 75% of girls' school alumnae value improving their understanding of other countries and cultures are nearly 10% more likely than coeduated peers to have the goal to help promote racial understanding.

Higher Science Self-Confidence

Girls' schools are leading the way in closing the gender gap in STEAM.

Graduates of girls' schools report greater self confidence than coeducated peers in their ability to use technical science skills, understand scientific concepts, generate a research question, explain study results, and determine appropriate data collection.

Increased Political Engagement

Girls' school graduates are committed to social improvement.

Graduates of girls' schools are more likely than coeducated peers to plan to vote in elections and publicly communicate their opinion about a cause.

Higher Self-Confidence

At girls' schools, a girl occupies every role.

A majority of girls's school grads report higher self-confidence over their coed peers.


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