Mariah N.

Class Year: 2021

Hometown: Providence, RI


Why Lincoln?: To me, the core of Lincoln School is its supportive community. Within the classroom, teachers and students alike help each other learn, and outside of it, we encourage each other to take risks and expand our comfort zones within a safe space. Walking through the halls and common spaces, you always hear congratulations for performances, sports games, and presentations, and laughter constantly rings through the library, at an appropriate noise level, of course. This feeling of support is one of the most special aspects of Lincoln.

What is your favorite tradition at Lincoln?: Lumina! A celebration of the light within us, students from the Little School to Grade 12 come together with the community to sing. I love the unity that is felt during this long-standing tradition, and it creates a feeling of connection among all of us. 

How have you benefited from a Lincoln education?: My time at Lincoln has helped me become more confident in my capabilities and taught me my voice is valuable. Through collaborative work, I have discovered I make important contributions to a group, and this has encouraged me to take on leadership roles within our community. This is something special that not all girls get from their education.