Physical Education and Athletics

Julie Hoppmann, Department Head

Through exposure to a broad variety of activities, each student in the Lincoln School Physical Education program is encouraged to build her physical potential. The goal is to develop in each student’s competency in basic skills, an interest in physical fitness, an understanding of and appreciation for a variety of team and individual sports, and the confidence and desire to participate in physical activities throughout life.

Department Requirements

All students must take part in physical education class, a Lincoln sport, or an Independent Athletic Program to receive physical education credit on their transcript. Students participating on an after school athletic team or the Independent Athletic Program are exempt from physical education classes. At the end of each sports season, if a student is not participating in a sport the following season, she must sign up for physical education. Two 50-minute classes per week are selected from offerings after school from 3 p.m.–4 p.m.

Students participate in a Personal Conditioning and Wellness Program in the Fitness Center consisting of resistance training and cardio training taught by certified strength and conditioning specialists from Performance Physical Therapy of RI. Throughout the year a variety of instructors will also offer classes in Zumba, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and recreational games in the adjacent gymnasium.

If a student has been ill or has a medical problem, but is in school and wishes to be excused from her Physical Education class, she must present a note from a parent, doctor, or the school nurse. If her name is not on the absence list and she does not come to class, it is considered an unexcused absence. Long-term medical excuses should be written by the doctor and submitted to the school nurse at the beginning of the trimester.

Independent Athletic Program

Upper School students who participate in an after school competitive or performance-based sport not offered at Lincoln School may apply to use the Independent Athletic Program, which allows them to waive the physical education class requirement. To take part in this program, a proposal form must be filled out by both a coach/instructor and a parent/guardian and submitted to the Physical Education department head for approval. The student must be in training a minimum of eight hours a week and be supervised by a coach. Each proposal is considered on an individual basis. These students are typically dancers, equestrians, figure skaters, and organized club team participants.


Ann Palms, Director of Athletics

The goal of the athletic program at Lincoln School is to develop students' physical skills, enhance self-esteem, encourage team and individual accomplishment, and instill sportsmanship and the spirit of fair play. The school feels strongly that healthy competition and cooperation in sports not only benefits a girl,s physical development, but influences her academic life by teaching her to set realistic goals, exercise discipline, and develop time management skills.

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