Partnership Programs

RISD Introduction to Architecture

Fall semester—Open to Grades 9–12

Lincoln students have the opportunity to enroll in Introduction to Architecture a 12 week intensive course offered by RISD’s School of Architecture.Through engaging lectures, hands on studio time and formal design critiques, students will immerse themselves in the architectural design process exploring the many ways in which architects understand and organize space and how they envision, plan, design and redesign structures for real world applications. The students will build their technical skills in architectural drafting and model building while also being exposed to the iterative process that is at the core of the architecture design studio model. All of this learning will be framed by an emphasis on how women have played an integral role in the history of architecture and how women architects have the power to shape the future of design on a local, national and global level.

Introduction to Architecture is a credit bearing, Pass/Fail course that will be included on students’ Lincoln transcripts.

Students interested in enrolling in the course will submit applications in May in advance of the Fall Semester.

See the Upper School Director for comprehensive partnership program and application information.

Brown Introduction to Engineering

Spring semester—Open to Grades 10–12

Lincoln Students will have the opportunity to enroll in Brown University’s Introduction to Engineering course. Lincoln School is committed to supporting the growth and development of women in the STEAM fields. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Architecture, and Mathematics) This 12 week course course will focus on the engineering design process. Common to all types of engineering, the design process takes an initial problem and formulates a solution, using theoretical concepts and modeling/building tools in tandem. Scientific concepts covered include static equilibrium and mechanics of materials. Modeling techniques include 3D modeling using Onshape, a free, browser-based CAD program. Students will additionally use 3D printing and laser-cutting and become trained in wood- and metal-working in the Brown Design workshop. The course will include two to three design projects to be completed in groups. Students are encouraged to bring laptops to class.

Students should be prepared to attend every class and both Saturday Engineering Lab sessions. In addition the students will be required to do approximately four hours of homework on their own per week.

Introduction to Engineering is a credit bearing, pass/fail course that will be included on students’ Lincoln transcripts.

See the Upper School Director for comprehensive partnership program and application information.

Steelyard Summer immersion: Introduction to Metalworking and Introduction to Jewelry

The Steelyard Summer immersion is an intensive, week long program during which Lincoln students are exposed to the materials and processes associated with Metalworking and Jewelry design.

Students who enroll in the Introduction to Metalworking course will learn how to cut, grind, bend and weld a variety of metals including steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. After the students have built their working knowledge of these processes, they will apply these techniques to the to creation of a series of three-dimensional sculptures. Students will be asked to take creative risks and to explore the possibilities of the materials with which they are working. Over the course of the week, students will have the opportunity to give and receive feedback on their work and that of their classmates. The course is open to students of all experience levels.

Students who enroll in the Introduction to Jewelry course will learn the fundamentals of the jewelry-making process. Students work with a wide range of hand-tools applying traditional and modern jewelry making techniques.This course will cover sawing, filing, soldering, scoring/bending, texturing, forming, linkages, wire construction and more. Beyond the technical aspects of the art form, students will explore the relationship between form and function and how these elements affect the visual impact of the final piece. The non-technical side of the class focuses on the essential components of the creative process from idea generation to self reflection to realizing one’s creative vision in a finished piece. No prior metalsmithing skills are necessary. Metal will be provided for practice and exercises, but students must pay for additional metals needed for their independent work.

Steelyard Summer Immersion is a credit bearing, pass/fail course that will be included on students’ Lincoln transcripts.

Online School for Girls

Lincoln School is a member of the Online School for Girls consortium- the first of its kind in the United States. This partnership affords our students the opportunity to take a wide range of classes that Lincoln School does not currently offer. Learning to take an online course is a skill that will become increasingly important in the 21st century and Lincoln is committed to providing our students with this experience.

Lincoln School recognizes and awards credit for all Non-Advanced Placement, OSG classes taken by Lincoln students. Students interested in taking an OSG course for school credit must submit an “OSG Course Application Form” (found at by the end of the course sign up process in the spring. All applications must be approved by the Upper School Director before a student enrolls in an OSG course. Students may enroll in OSG courses during their Sophomore, Junior and Senior years.

Lincoln School will pay the full tuition and coordinate registration for the following OSG courses:

  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Neuroscience

It is important to note that Lincoln sets a yearly cap on the number of OSG tuitions that the school will cover. Preference is given to seniors and juniors if applications exceed Lincoln’s cap.

If a student who enrolls in one of the above courses elects to drop the course, she will be responsible for reimbursing Lincoln School for the whole tuition paid.

For all other OSG courses, students can enroll directly with OSG (at a discounted cost contingent upon their enrollment at Lincoln) if they choose to pay for the course themselves. This includes year-long, semester-long, and summer courses. Please note- Students who decide to enroll in an OSG course not funded by Lincoln must submit an “OSG Course Application Form” which must be approved by the Upper School Director before a student enrolls in the course. Students may enroll in AP courses but Lincoln will not list these courses on the student’s transcript.

It is important to note that OSG classes do not replace Lincoln School’s graduation requirements. Students taking OSG courses need to plan their time accordingly to ensure that they are meeting the expectations of the core Lincoln School curriculum. Approval for OSG courses is reserved for students who are proven independent learners.

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