Upper School

Grades 9—12


Intellectual engagement, character development, and community are at the heart of learning in the Upper School at Lincoln. Within our rigorous and globally oriented academic program, students immerse themselves in a wide range of course offerings, both on our East Side campus and through our partner organizations in the Greater Providence area and around the world.

You might find Upper School students collaborating with peers to troubleshoot the mechanisms of a student-designed robot, reciting Shakespeare monologues on stage, dissecting the meaning of a nuanced passage in a novel, or learning to fabricate metal sculptures at the Providence Steelyard. Through these experiences they learn that no field is out of their reach, no challenge too big to tackle.

Upper School students craft individualized academic programs based on their interests and passions, built around a robust core curriculum. Small classes allow our faculty to support each student in her intellectual development while fostering an engaging, collaborative, and supportive classroom environment. Over the course of their four years in Upper School, Lincoln students evolve into confident thinkers and doers who attend top colleges and go on to make an impact.

Peter Brooks | Upper School Director | pbrooks@lincolnschool.org

Academic Program

The Upper School offers a rich and diverse curriculum to students in Grades 9 through 12. Students advance through a challenging academic program that provides an exceptional grounding in English, history, world languages, mathematics, the sciences, technology, visual arts, music, theater, and physical and health education. A wide array of electives, honors courses, and interdisciplinary offerings add depth and breadth to the academic experience and allow students to chart their own course once they have completed core requirements in each discipline.

Upper School Life