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Division Director Welcome

Be a leader, in your own individual way.

When you walk through Lincoln’s hallways as an Upper School student, you simply see and hear friendship; students who are at home, secure in their environment, and comfortable in their own skin. Upon closer investigation (in either the hallway or within classrooms), you will find students studying for an upcoming exam, collaborating in groups on an assignment, or supporting one another on a culminating presentation. 

At a school rooted in Quaker values, Lincoln’s Upper School students are respected for their individual gifts and classroom environments are fostered to ensure every student’s voice, lived experience, and perspective matters.

Lincoln is an intentional learning community in which the students are at the center of the academic discourse. Every student is known for who she is; her strengths and her challenges are welcomed and supported by our caring and skilled faculty. We believe that by giving students the agency and skills to discuss challenging topics from a variety of perspectives, we actively support our students to grow into academically curious, life-long learners who understand that their voices have an impact on the world around them.

Being a leader, in your own individual way, is the norm at Lincoln. Whether you are a named leader such as the President of the Student Council, or the captain of an interscholastic athletic team, or whether you lead from behind the scenes as a Stage Manager for our Winter Musical or the Planner for our LynxMUN conference, your contribution to the vibrant life of Lincoln is equally valued and celebrated. We are always looking for students who are excited to share their individual passions with our school community in any way that they choose.   

In the end, joining the Lincoln community is an opportunity to feel known and heard within the context of an intentionally small school that offers an expansive academic and extra curricular program.

So if you want a school where you can build a personalized academic schedule each year, exploring your known interests while also stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking classes you never thought you would ever take- Lincoln is the school for you. If you want to be both a scientist, an artist, and an athlete during your high school years, without feeling like you need to fit into someone else’s mold- Lincoln is a place you should seriously consider. Here at Lincoln, young women are given the opportunity to become multifaceted people who find success and tackle challenges at every turn.

Hopefully, we will see you all in the hallways soon joining in the laughter and learning that is the hallmark of the Lincoln experience.

Sue Farnum                                      
Interim Upper School Division Director       

Sue Farnum, Interim Upper School Division Director