Life in the Middle School

It’s where girls explore their hidden talents, find new passions, and support and accept each other as they discover and grow.

Life in the Middle School means…

  • Camping, teambuilding and adventure at the Thompson Island Outward Bound Program in Boston Harbor.
  • Exploring new interests and friendships in clubs like 3D design, robotics, Walk & Talk, knitting, and coloring and sketching.
  • Publishing, organizing or writing for the Middle School literary magazine.
  • Honing your math skills for fun “bee” style competition with the MATHCOUNTS team.
  • Lending your voice to the Middle School chorus and performing at concerts throughout the year.
  • Getting guidance and support from an advisor, for the best Middle School experience, academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Building real software like mobile apps and games and putting your creations up for competitions in the Girls Who Code club.
  • Solving real-world engineering challenges by building LEGO-based robots and competing against other schools.
  • Collaborating with adult artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities on artworks, through an Arts Enrichment Class.
  • Taking the stage along with over 200 students from 20+ Providence-area schools in the Shakespeare in the City.
  • Singing, dancing and acting or working lights, scenery, costumes or props in the annual Winter Musical.
  • Perfecting your game face on the soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, swimming or tennis teams
The Ocean(ography) State: Grade 8 Marine Science Trip

Grade 8 put their study of marine ecosystems to good use as they visited five separate locations around Narragansett Bay. Scientists and stewards of the earth, they made the most of living in the smallest state with a diverse sea coast!

At Lincoln, Today is Not Just a Day—It's A Movement

Today is International Day of the Girl, a day dedicated to helping girls everywhere to be seen as equals both in the eyes of others and in their own eyes. And while setting aside a particular day provides a rallying point around which to mobilize, when you're a part of an institution that puts girls first, the work is year round.