Middle School

Grades 6—8


Middle School at Lincoln means classrooms, hallways, art spaces, sports fields, science labs, and performance spaces bustling with student activity, the exchange of ideas, and girls doing what they do best in these years: learning by doing, experimenting, and communicating. The result? Middle Schoolers who are big thinkers: smart, funny, thoughtful, courageous, and kind.

Glance into the algebra classroom and you’ll see students working together to solve complex equations. Enter a science class and you might find students down on the floor testing out the cars they built learning the laws of physics. Or stop by the meeting room to watch girls speak in Spanish together and learn salsa dance from their teacher. As they study and explore, our students develop confidence and self-advocacy skills that will serve them in Upper School and beyond.

In addition to their core academic classes, Middle School students choose from enrichment electives such as chorus, musical ensemble, visual art, and robotics. Together they participate in high ropes courses and community building, experience week-long engineering immersion programs, and, as eighth graders, travel to New York to visit the United Nations as the culmination of a human rights course. Outside of class, Middle School girls can explore their interests through extracurricular activities like the athletics, dramatic arts, and more.

Debbie Hanney | Middle School Director | dhanney@lincolnschool.org


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This Week In: Middle School Science

Grade 8 Marine Science students are studying solubility and temperature, looking at water as the universal solvent. In this water chemistry lesson, students learned how different temperatures may affect solubility. This hands-on experiment allowed students to visualize what they have been learning so far and will tie into upcoming conversations about climate change. 

Week of Code Kicks Off with Guest Speaker Nathalie Miebach

Week of Code at Lincoln School kicked off on December 6 with a presentation by Nathalie Miebach. Miebach is a Boston-based sculptor who translates scientific data into woven sculptures and musical scores. She's been doing this for nearly 20 years and focuses predominantly on weather and climate change. Lately, she's also been focusing on COVID-19 data and is interested in exploring not just the scientific phenomena of weather and how it impacts us, but also the human response to these events, especially in the context of climate change.

Middle School Athletes Work on Speed and Agility

New to Lincoln this fall, Grades 5-8 were offered Speed and Agility training in between fall and winter sports seasons. Over 35 students signed up for the two-week training session, looking to prepare themselves for their upcoming seasons. 

This Week In: Middle School Science

This fall, Grade 7 students in Science Teacher Katy Wood's class are learning how to identify the trees around the Lincoln School campus. By analyzing characteristics such as the unique leave shape and bark pattern of each tree, they will be able to classify the different species around the school. 

Happenings in Middle School History

Skill building is central to the middle school history curriculum, but so is having fun! Earlier this fall, the sixth-grade historians in Jess Kimball-Veeder’s classes assumed the role of CSI agents as they investigated the mystery of Ötzi, a Neolithic Age man whose mummified body was discovered trapped in the icy landscape of the Alps by hikers in 1991. To set the scene for the investigation, drama teacher Don Mays created a highly engaging and humorous video for the students