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Middle School Core Subjects


At Lincoln, Middle School English brings students into conversation—with each other, with their communities, and with artists and authors from around the world and throughout history. Learn More


So much of Middle School is about learning how to learn—in history, students are encouraged to take intellectual risks in an environment that not only provides appropriate scaffolds but also gradually removes those scaffolds as the students build confidence and independence as they prepare for high school. Learn More


Our Middle School mathematics program includes a curriculum that develops important mathematical foundations along coherent learning progressions. Teachers provide fun and engaging situations that spark curiosity, offer a variety of entry points into the content, and place student thinking, collaboration, and reasoning at the center of learning. Learn More


Middle School science at Lincoln builds upon the concepts and skills developed in younger grades while encouraging students to continue to be curious and creative in their approach to science. Students often enter the door eagerly asking, “What are we doing today? Will there be any explosions?” We foster this enthusiasm at every turn,  empowering our students to see themselves as scientists. Learn More


As Middle School STEAMx students progress through their academic journey, they become increasingly independent and capable of tackling more challenging tasks. The STEAMx program is an excellent fit for these young learners, as it allows them to explore and experiment in a way that encourages student agency, reflection, creative thinking, and discovery. Learn More

Visual Arts

Curriculum focuses on diving deeper into their understanding of the elements and principles of art and design as they explore how to utilize tools and materials to express unique ideas and creative voice. Students are focused on the reinforcement of creative work based on personal identity and investigation through the lens of diverse projects and a wide variety of media and artistic methods. Learn More

World Languages

Our World Language program is guided by ACTFL World Readiness Standards, which include the three modes of learning: Interpersonal and Presentational (speaking and writing), and Interpretive (reading and listening).  Learn More

Performing Arts

As students enter Middle School (grades 6 and 7), students have performing arts built into their curriculum, to include all aspects and roles within drama and music. Learn More