What Does Remote Learning Look Like in the Oak Room?

As a community, Lincoln School has embraced remote learning with open hearts and bold minds. Our faculty and administrators have worked tirelessly to bring all of the hallmarks of the Lincoln education to the virtual classrooms they've created for our students, and the resiliency that they’ve modeled is being reflected back in the creative engagement and exceptional work of our students. 

The best way to understand it is to experience it, so for the remainder of the year we will regularly provide a look into our remote classrooms–across all divisions and departments–to shine a spotlight on the teaching and learning that has truly blown us away. 

In the Oak Room, students have been working on a variety of experiences that incorporate science, literacy, art, and math through open-ended play and the use of materials in unexpected ways.

Teachers have been focusing on incorporating nature into their activities, and thus far the children have collected natural materials, made a nature soup (which incorporated the science of sinking and floating), created a nature loom with cardboard, brought art materials outdoors to create a natural collage or a drawing/painting inspired by nature, and planted beans to observe indoors.

This week, the nursery students watched a video of Narragansett Bay, and were asked to think about what they thought might live in the water.

The teachers are encouraging their students to get outdoors as much as possible during this time, and that they learn to use materials found in nature as inspiration for their work!

Check The Green Light Blog regularly to see what remote learning looks like in other grades and departments!