Life in the Lower School

It’s about jumping into learning, creating community, discovering through experience and building school pride.

Life in the Lower School means…

  • Planting and harvesting vegetables and herbs from the Edible Garden.
  • Dreaming, inventing, and building everything from solar-powered “ovens” to marble roller coasters to self-powered cars in the MakerSpace.
  • Building bonds with big or little sisters, and working together on fundraisers and projects.
  • Learning and singing about topics like Farm Animals or the Chinese New Year at Daisy Sing and Share.
  • Digging, splashing and collecting sea life on the shores of Narragansett Bay
  • Reflecting on a weekly queries at Friday morning Silent Meeting.
  • Playing, unwinding, and doing homework at The Tree House after school program.
  • Doing community service at places like the Bethany Home nursing and rehabilitation center.