Curated books for curious minds 

Bea’s Book Bags is a Lincoln Lower School library program dedicated to promoting a love of reading, one tote at a time. Each collection of specially curated books, anchored in students’ unique interests, will spark young imaginations, stoke new interests, and plant the seeds for a lifetime of continuous discovery.

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The Story

Bea’s Book Bags is named in memory of Beatrice (Bea) DePasquale Temkin P’70, GP’97,’01, GGP’34, whose love of literature, all-girls education, and service to others stand as a lasting legacy, inspiring Lincoln girls for years into the future. 

Bea's love of literacy that was perhaps only matched by her love of Lincoln School. An avid reader of everything from current events to children’s tales and all books in between, Bea spread her devotion to the written word to both her children and her community. According to her daughter,  Donna Paolino ’70, P’97,P’01, Bea was one of a kind, a generous spirit with an incredible sense of humor and the innate ability to lift others up.  

“She was a Worker Bee and a Queen Bee,” said Paolino. “She worked hard, and gave so much of herself to others. She was a leader throughout her life, and I am thrilled she will have the opportunity to live on through Bea’s Book Bags by leading young Lincoln girls to embrace their own love of literature.”

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