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The Studio

The joy of learning.

Inspired by the ateliers of the pre-primary schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, the Early Childhood Studio is a place of beauty,  discovery and exploration for children ages three to six.  Weekly visits are in small, carefully configured learning groups and the Studio experience may potentially be a three- year journey for a child from  the Early Childhood years through Kindergarten. Our days together may be spent in several different venues  including the Studio itself, the green and growing places on Lincoln’s beautiful campus, the Lower School Outdoor Classroom, and in our neighboring Blackstone Park Conservancy. Work in the Studio offers children countless opportunities to express themselves creatively through materials and to learn about their world in the context of a group setting.

Materials include a variety of art media as well as found objects from nature and those ready to be recycled and repurposed. Experiences involve discussions as well as individual explorations and collaborative investigations and activities.  Projects take place over time so as to allow for in-depth learning and the scaffolding of ideas.

Children become familiar with the affordances and constraints of materials through the frequent revisiting of them and of past experiences. Over time, children learn to use materials and tools in developmentally appropriate ways and with care and respect. This in turn allows for the children to use the materials in ways that expand their knowledge.

The Studio serves many purposes, and essentially, it is where children can be supported in all areas of their own, unique development.  Children learn what it means to be a positive and cooperative member of a group as we create a community together, ever mindful of our Quaker testimonies. Listening, participating thoughtfully in discussions and being respectful of ideas shared by others are valued, taught and encouraged. The Studio is a place where a joy of learning is cultivated and an aesthetic appreciation is developed through artistic and scientific inquiry.