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Nursery & Pre-Kindergarten

A place of discovery and exploration.

Lincoln's Early Childhood program is influenced by the internationally renowned Reggio Emilia concept of early childhood teaching and learning. Through an evolving, emergent curriculum shaped by each child’s cognitive social and physical development, children come to view school as a place of exploration and discovery.

In our Early Childhood classroom’s, plants, mirrors, natural elements, and light set the tone in each space. We challenge ourselves to stretch our understanding of young children and how they view the world. And we pay attention—you may notice teachers taking notes as their students draw, or paint, or talk, data which in turn informs instruction. Children’s work may be in many stages of completion because we understand that children need to revisit projects and think deeply about the process. We also believe that a child’s work holds theories that explain their interpretations of events.

Students in Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten visit our Studio space which is a haven for small group creative work, with no more than eight children at one time. Using materials from the natural world like paint, clay, shells, leaves, feathers, and recycled materials, children create their own masterpieces and are able to revisit projects often. Collaborative works, such as sculpture, mobiles, and collage, are cornerstones of the environment.