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Lower School Core Subjects

Language & Literacy

In Lower School, our language arts program develops active, critical, and enthusiastic lifelong readers and writers. The students explore English across text types and incorporate authentic voices from a wide variety of perspectives and experiences. Learn More


Through a content rich, skills based and developmentally appropriate social studies curriculum that utilizes the L.I.F.E. (Lincoln’s Identity Framework for Empowerment) scope and sequence, students are given opportunities to honor the lived experiences of our school community, highlight individual and collective joy, and foster empowerment, while raising awareness of individual and collective struggles. Learn More


Little School offers a nurturing environment where children explore at their own pace and developmental level, using open-ended materials. As they grow, learn through discovery, and build relationships with staff and the children around them, they develop a sense of competence and trust in the world. Learn More


Lower School science is all about exploring our natural world while building the habits of a scientific mind. From Kindergarten through Grade 5, Lincoln students are learning how science works by observing the world around them, asking questions based on what they find, and  exploring ways to seek answers. Learn More


Lower School STEAMx is a rich, multifaceted curriculum that empowers students to connect and apply their learning from different subjects through hands-on projects that provide new perspectives and build new skills. This program encourages students to think critically and creatively, test and evaluate their ideas, and communicate their processes and solutions to others. Learn More

Visual Arts

Lower School art focuses on self-expression and developing a strong artistic vocabulary through exploring a wide variety of materials and processes. Students work with both two- and three-dimensional media, including ceramics, while making cross-curricular connections. Learn More

World Languages

In Lower School, our main goals are to build confidence in the learner while developing the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in engaging and integrative ways. To do so, from Grades 1–5, the curriculum is mapped out to continuously build, expand, and review vocabulary, communicative functions, and embedded structures in a series of units.  Learn More

Performing Arts

Here we build on the foundation established in the Little School by adding an instrumental element. Kindergarten through Grade 2 use classroom percussion instruments to accompany singing, and in Grade 3, students start to play the Kalimba as an introduction to strictly instrumental music. Learn More