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Little School Core Subjects

Language & Literacy

Learning English begins long before our littlest learners can speak it. In Little School, students engage with language in a multitude of creative and exploratory ways. Working with mixed media, constructing creations out of blocks or found elements, expressing themselves through dramatic play—this is all hands-on language learning. Learn More


Little School offers a nurturing environment where children explore at their own pace and developmental level, using open-ended materials. As they grow, learn through discovery, and build relationships with staff and the children around them, they develop a sense of competence and trust in the world. Learn More

Visual Arts

Art in the Little School is dedicated to focusing on the experience and process of making and creating. The children are invited to explore materials and techniques such as print making, collage, painting, and clay. The materials presented give each child options as they choose from a varied selection of paintbrushes, writing tools, and paints. Learn More

World Languages

Inspired by how easily young children acquire language, the objectives of the Emergent Language Program revolve around children’s innate confidence to recognize and mimic sounds and language patterns. The children enrolled in Lincoln School’s Early Childhood and Little School have instruction twice a week by a French teacher and twice a week by a Spanish teacher.  Learn More

Performing Arts

The Little School music program is designed to foster a love of singing, dancing, and storytelling, and to start building the fundamental music making skills. Special attention is paid to a student’s ability to sing songs and chant rhymes in their heads, as this is the foundation of rhythm and awareness of pitch that we build on in Lower School. Learn More