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Carriage House: 6 weeks - 24 months

Home to our youngest children under 2.

Our Carriage House classrooms offer a nurturing environment where children discover at their own pace. As they grow, learn, and build responsive relationships with staff and the children around them, they develop a sense of trust in the world. This trust assures them that all their needs will be met and encourages them to explore without limits.  

Our infant classrooms are thoughtfully designed to engage all of their senses. A variety of sounds, family photos, textures and visual offerings can be found in our classrooms. The uniqueness, interest, and development, along with the individual schedule of each child, is taken into consideration with the experiences we share.

From splashing in water to exploring food purees, our youngest are fully engaged with the world around them at the Carriage House.

Our outdoor space includes traditional outdoor components and unique natural interactions like a small tunnel and hill, water tables and bubbles gardens all designed to meet the needs of our budding walkers. Windchimes and music can often be heard in the background while our children engage with the space.  And our days would not be complete without our buggy walks around campus and the neighborhood where we grow our relationships with the adults and children in other divisions and in our community. In addition to the experiences our classroom teachers share with the children, we also have a formal music class with East Side Music Together and Spanish exposure.