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Beech Tree: 3 years

Home to our young 3 year-olds.

Nestled in bright, bustling corners of our Lower School, we have six early childhood classrooms designed to meet our students’ growing social, physical, and emotional needs. By three years old play has shifted, conversations are bigger and broader, and their ability to manipulate and explore delicate materials has evolved. Through play and organic exposure we are teaching foundational core subjects that respond to their expanding minds and interests.

The program is grounded in the internationally renowned Reggio Emilia approach, which uses an evolving, emergent curriculum shaped by each child’s cognitive social and physical development. Because children help guide their own experience, they come to view school as a place of exploration and discovery for subjects like language, literacy, mathematical, and scientific thinking

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom. The playground provides ample time to balance, climb, and explore. Venturing out into the neighboring Blackstone Conservancy tests their gross motor skills allows them to step outside their comfort zones, take calculated risks, and gain confidence.  

Our ECO (Exploring with Children Outside) program also takes place in Blackstone Conservancy. Led by Lincoln School’s ECO coordinator and through all types of weather, our Early Childhood classrooms trek out to Blackstone to hike the trails, create art from natural materials, and explore the changes that each new season brings. Through these dynamic experiences, children develop self-esteem and self-confidence while allowing nature to come alive in their hands, hearts, and minds.

In addition to the learning our classroom teachers share with children, Beech Tree and Early Childhood benefit from a specialist series of classes, including Physical Education, French, Spanish, Music, Library, Studio, and STEAMx.  

In Early Childhood, our Reggio Emilia Studio space is a haven for small group creative work, with no more than eight children in the Studio at one time.

Our days spent exploring the Edible Garden, the Lower School Outdoor Classroom, and our neighboring Blackstone Conservancy.