Life in the Little School

It’s all about joy, discovery, friendship, and growth.

Life in the Little School means…

  • Singing, moving and shaking in weekly music and movement classes.
  • Participating in campus-wide activities with the older children, like the International Day of Peace.
  • Speaking, singing and listening to stories in French and Spanish.
  • Exploring creative expression through dramatic play, creative block building, outdoor play and mixed media art.
  • Listening to stories and choosing picture books in the library.
  • Caring for, harvesting, and sampling vegetables from the Edible Garden.
  • Exploring language with shared reading and writing, nursery rhymes, book making, storytelling and journal “writing.”
Bonjour, Hola, Hello: Language Learning at the Little School

At Lincoln, world languages are taught at every age, starting with the youngest learners in the Little School. The five C’s of language learning–culture, connections, comparisons, communities, and communications–are apparent in work and in play.

Little School Life: Vertical Surface Learning

Vertical Surface Learning helps children to develop gross and fine motor skills. Working on a large vertical surfaces allows the children to use bigger arm movements that encourage strength and flexibility throughout the joints and muscles of the upper extremities.