Gaining STEAM: A Hub for Learning

The state-of-the-art STEAM Hub provides a central home for twenty-first-century teaching and learning! STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Architecture, Math), adds the “A” to the traditional STEM acronym to recognize that, in today’s world, technology alone is simply not enough.  

The STEAM Hub, the only dedicated space for STEAM learning for girls in Rhode Island, broke ground in late May 2017, and celebrated its grand opening just shy of a year later. The addition features a modern two-story glass facade, 4,000-square-feet of interdisciplinary teaching space for science, math, and the humanities, including new physics and chemistry labs and recently renovated biology labs, glass-enclosed study spaces, and a 2,000-square-foot art gallery for students and visiting artists.

"The STEAM Hub was an initiative that came together quickly and with a lot of momentum—in less than two and a half years we designed, funded, constructed, and now put a great new facility into use,” said Jane Palestine Jamieson ’71, Chair of Lincoln’s Board of Trustees. The design and impact of the building speaks to what Lincoln is today—forward-looking and innovative—but also a school that considers and honors its history.”

Thanks to the generosity and dedication of the Lincoln community, the $5 million dollars in funds needed to build the project was not just reached but surpassed, resulting in an additional $500,000 endowment.

“The STEAM Hub is a physical space that inspires intellectual creativity and curiosity. On the wall just outside the STEAM Hub’s art gallery, you will see the following quote from Albert Einstein: ‘The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science,’” said Head of School Suzanne Fogarty. “What we are doing at Lincoln cannot happen anywhere else, because here girls are always first. This new structure, where tradition meets innovation, is a launchpad for girls and women jumping feet first into the future.”

Jamie Chavez ’20

“My favorite part of the new STEAM Hub is the art gallery—it’s amazing to see all the talented artists’ work being displayed in a space that accessible to everybody who enters Lincoln’s doors. But whether it’s to display a student’s art, give a speech, take a physics class, or just to study, the STEAM Hub gives every student at Lincoln the space to pursue what they please.

Lincoln School Neighbor

Now that [The STEAM Hub] is complete... I applaud the new look, which, in my opinion, looks great when approaching the school from either end of Butler. What an attractive addition to the neighborhood. We even have to slow down to 20 mph to enjoy it all the more!

Connie Worthington ’62

It’s really impressive—so much space inviting collaborative research and learning. State-of the-art labs and classrooms await the challenges of discovery and scholarship. The science and the students rule!  

Dr. Catherine Hibbitt ’85, P’19 ’22, Science Department Chair

It is such a pleasure to see teaching and learning happening in this beautiful building. Light, space, and design invite everyone to be a scientist. Students have embraced the generous and varied study spaces: these days the STEAM Hub and the Science Wing are humming with learning.