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Our Difference: Tapping into Joy and Authenticity

In the college counseling office at Lincoln, we welcome questions both big and small. Most often the answer to students and parents who ask us something is : “It depends.” Every student’s process is unique, and the college counseling team’s approach is a reflection of that. Throughout their journey together, college counselors encourage students to take stock of what they value, what keeps them feeling balanced, and what they hope to get out of their college experience. The counselors serve as a guide, though they are especially proud of the fact that Lincoln students take ownership over their education throughout high school and engage with the college process in deep and meaningful ways.

During the college search, students focus on what makes them happy both inside and outside of the classroom. This allows them to hone in on why they enjoy the things they do, rather than simply noting what they do. That reflection helps students develop  a deeper understanding of themselves and what kind of educational environment will foster their dreams and allow them to achieve their goals.

While setting out to find the best college fit can be daunting at times, when students approach the search with an open mind and heart, it can also be a deeply enriching and rewarding experience. During their time in the Upper School, Lincoln students develop a strong voice, a clear sense of self, and a deep and genuine love for learning, all of which shine through brightly as they navigate the process. When it’s time to submit their applications, each student is able to share in a confident and authentic voice: “This is who I am, these are the things I like to do, and most importantly, why I like to do them.”

So while at the beginning of the journey the answer to many questions is “it depends,” by the end of senior year students leave campus  confident in their decisions about where to start their next adventure.

The College Counseling Team:

Beth Ellis

Beth Ellis

Titles: Director of College Counseling
Abigail Perry

Abigail Perry

Titles: Associate Director of College Counseling

Lincoln School Key Differences:

  • College Awareness Class to provide a balanced approach to the college search and application process
  • Ongoing athletic recruiting support
  • Personalized college application plans for each student
  • Direct and sustained access to counselors
  • Test prep guidance in the post-COVID world
  • Guidance on the financial aid process and scholarship opportunities
  • Summer application workshops
  • Application and essay writing support throughout the process
  • Grade level parent coffees offered throughout the high school years, as well as individual parent meetings throughout the college search