College Counseling

The college search and application process is an exciting time of self-discovery. Our goal is to help students navigate their journey thoughtfully and confidently, identifying colleges and universities that are the best fit for each of their unique set of interests, talents, and needs. In order to do so, we encourage our students to take intellectual risks, tap into the joy of what they do, and really pay attention to when they are deeply engaged, both in and out of the classroom, throughout their time at Lincoln. This actively engaged approach to life and learning allows students to gain a more clear sense of what they want to get out of their next educational experience and to move forward in their personal journey with confidence.

As they move through the Upper School, students work with the college counselor to develop a list of schools that will fully engage their interests and preferences. Whether a student chooses a large research institution in the South, an art school across the country, a small liberal arts college closer to home, or a university abroad, she will leave Lincoln confident in her ability to thrive in her chosen environment.

Lincoln welcomes over 100 college representatives to the counseling office annually. This provides opportunities for our students to speak with admission officers in small group settings and for our colleagues at schools across the country and around the world to be well informed about the Lincoln School educational experience.


College Admission Officer looking to visit Lincoln?

Lincoln School is using Rep Visits to schedule high school visits. We look forward to connecting with you again soon! If you have any questions, please reach out to Meaghan D'Abrosca at